Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Illegal Deportations

                                              ILLEGAL  DEPORTATIONS

Since the 1960's  psychiatric patients and 'political radicals' have been secretly and illegally deported from Jersey. The recent case of HG who was deported to the UK and dumped without any means of support, is only one of many cases.

Nobody talks about this issue; perhaps few know about it. Victims have never come forward to demand an investigation or ask for compensation. Why ? because few have survived the damage to their life, their confidence or their self-esteem.

Today's resignation letter from Senator Zoe Cameron, confirms that nothing has changed , those people who rule this island do not tolerate people who ask awkward questions and refuse to follow the 'Jersey Way'.


  1. HG was effectively deported (legally bound over not to return to Jersey for 3 years). This was not secret however as it appeared in the Magistrates Court - open to the public - and in the report in the JEP for the sittings of the Magistrates court.

    Have you any details of anyone "deported" or moved to the UK without this being a public record?

    1. It was a common occurence for patients to be taken from a ward in St Saviour's Hospital or APU,pushed into a car & escorted to the airport.In many cases these patients were given injections of paraldehyde to prevent them objecting or fighting back. This happened to my husband in 1973 & to me in 1984 & we know of many others.Victims don't talk about it & know better than to challenge the pyschiatric system.